Denmark’s leading IT firm to enter Polish market

Later this year, Denmark’s largest IT company KMD will open their offices in Poland. For over 40 years, KMD has provided information technology services to both the central and local Danish governments, as well as the private sector. Now, thanks to their new location, the company will offer jobs to Polish IT specialists, as well as share and promote their insight and expertise.

KMD’s entry to the market means new job opportunities for Polish IT architects and developers, project managers, and business specialists, in a unique and challenging professional environment. What is more, the company can share their vast experience and know-how, as well as promote an innovative approach to the public sector in the Polish market.

Founded in 1972 by local governing bodies, KMD is now a privately-owned largest Danish-based IT company, with approximately 3,000 employees in several locations across the country, and an annual revenue of over EUR 640 million. It is jointly-owned by Advent International (private equity firm) and Sampension (Danish pension fund). KMD has focused on providing services to the public sector, which resulted in Denmark’s welfare state being one of the best run, most efficient and highly digitised in the world. The company’s services include: IT outsourcing; case management tools; application management; cloud computing; creating and managing dedicated payment, voting, and administrative systems.

KMD is also a socially responsible company, actively reducing their impact on the natural environment, striving for gender equality in the workplace, strictly adhering to their Code of Conduct when procuring goods and services from outside suppliers, and supporting both the elderly and the disadvantaged youth. Promoting such good practices may prove an additional benefit of KMD’s presence on the Polish market.

 “KMD is looking forward to working in Poland. I am sure that our decades of experience combined with the skill of Polish IT professionals will ensure the best results possible. We hope to grow in this new environment, offering our deep knowledge of the public sector in return. I expect our cooperation to be mutually beneficial and constantly developing” said Jens Brinksten, Director Nearshore Services / CEO at KMD Poland.

KMD’s philosophy of doing business in Poland is based on working with only the best professionals in the field. Thus, the company adopts an employee-centred approach, with a focus on creating a work-friendly environment. KMD’s priority upon entering the Polish market was to have an office which would attract potential employees. The new office, recommended by DTZ, is accessible by all means of transport, and the concept of the space is based on future work place solutions, which include top-class furniture and equipment, relax areas and other amenities designed to satisfy the personnel’s needs. These solutions shall make the staff feel comfortable, and thus stimulate creativeness and innovative thinking.

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